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No Full Series Of Doctor Who In 2016?

Series nine may be just weeks away but this latest piece of news from Private Eye magazine suggests that the confirmed series ten may not be happening any time soon - at least not a full series run. The latest edition has reported that BBC staff 'have recently been informed that showrunner Steven Moffat's commitments to his other hit show Sherlock mean that there will be no full series of Doctor Who in 2016.

The Media News section did not confirm any evidence to back this statement up and when Den Of Geek reached out to the BBC, an official spokeperson confirmed that "it's too early to confirm the schedule for future series at this point. We're all excited for the new series that starts on the 19th of September".

Moffat also serves as showrunner on the upcoming series four of Sherlock, which goes into production early 2016. Perhaps juggling both shows full time is too much? Doctor Who took some time off with the change in showrunner and series lead with a series of specials in 2009, while series seven was split between 2012 and 2013. Are we looking at something similar again?

It is unlikely that we will get any confirmation from the BBC this side of series nine though...

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