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News Surfing: Sorkin, Silk and Satirical Show return! And MORE!

There is a lot of news in the fast-moving world of television. In order to not clutter our beautiful homepage with all the goings-on, here are a few of the latest, greatest occurrences in summary form, including new series, renewals of old ones and Captain Kirk talking about prostitutes.

Oh, and in a hopefully-not-regular-feature, masturbatory news! If all that doesn't get you to read on, I dread to think what will.

ITEM! Aaron Sorkin's new HBO series The Newsroom is days from its debut (24th June in the US, 10th July on Sky Atlantic in the UK), and reviews have started to trickle through. I expect this show to teach me that only a small, dedicated band of news journalists can change the world, and US reviewers are finding Sorkin's tricks predictable too, as it's scored a mere 56% on Metacritic as of this writing.

I also have to link a comment from crime and sci-fi writer Warren Ellis, because it's deeply insightful. Also, I should warn you: there will almost certainly be a Coldplay montage in the fourth episode.

ITEM! Meanwhile, in UK TV renewals, BBC legal drama Silk, featuring the dashing Rupert Penry-Jones (pictured), is returning for a third series, because there is not enough law on TV. Although reviews and ratings have both been good, so clearly the show is earning its keep.

There are also rumours (although not yet an official statement I can find) that Channel 4 are renewing awkwardly endearing satirical juggernaut 10 O'Clock Live for a third run. I hope this is true, although it's an oddly timed announcement in the midst of the Jimmy Carr tax mess. Although I think that bit of news is being over-egged somewhat, it wouldn't kill me if it caused Carr to stop dressing up.

ITEM! A few weeks back, on Have I Got News For You, aging sci-fi legend William Shatner mispronounced the town of Ilfracombe's name, then said they were "laced with prostitution". He has now apologised after the townsfolk proved keen to refute this image. Perhaps too keen...?

Anyway, I only mentioned this because I wanted to embed the Youtube clip of the incident, which is hilarious and well worth 40 seconds.

ITEM! Fans of Stewart Lee and Richard Herring! The duo have reunited for an episode of Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast! Well, fans probably already know about it, but it deserves coverage, because the pair have an interesting discussion about comedy personas and the meaning of Twitter. Anyone enjoying Herring's solo work or Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle should check it out. You can download the 90 minute discussion here.

ITEM! Masturbatory news now, as an article on Television @ The Digital Fix is retweeted by Doctor Who actor Arthur Darvil. This is the closest I've come to a celebrity connection since I met Andi Peters and Toby Anstis aged ten! (The article in question relates to the forthcoming return of Mysterious Cities of Gold, if you were curious.)

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