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News Surfing: Newsroom, True Blood renewed! Dexter, tedious opera singer end? MORE!

Another week, another News Surfing, another occasion where I haven't had to resort to covering reality television in a desperate bid to fill the space. I'm sure it'll happen eventually, I already did EastEnders last week, but for now, I think it's best if we remain optimistic.

So let's cheer ourselves up by plunging into the classy end of US television...

ITEM! It's a big week for upmarket critically beloved cable channel HBO, as they renewed Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom, a day after the second episode aired. Ratings took a small tumble from the debut, and as we reported a couple weeks back, reviews have been mixed, but nonetheless, rejoice ye Sorkin faithful, he'll be back to speak more truth to stupid next year.

While they were at it, HBO also threw a sixth season to long-running Southern accented vampire-porn thing True Blood, which will be their first without series creator Alan Ball (also of Six Feet Under and American Beauty).

ITEM! Elsewhere from US cable networks, Showtime released an intriguing trailer for the upcoming seventh season of Dexter, featuring snippits from 40 different scenes, but in only nine seconds. This, of course, is promised to be the penultimate season of anti-hero action, and it's about time. How many more times can the poor bastard think he's met a kindred spirit and then be disappointed?

You can see the trailer below, and if you're really obsessed with serial killing (hmm), TV Line have helpfully crafted a gallery of all 40 included scenes.

ITEM! The BBC's logic-free fantasy extravaganza Merlin has realised that there's only one place to be nowadays if you're messing around with armour and dragons: as close to Game of Thrones as possible. So, to try and buddy up, it's reported on Digital Spy that BBC Wales have cast John Bradley (aka Samwell Tarly, the big chap who loves Cassie from Skins) in the upcoming fifth series.

He joins fellow Thrones-er Liam Cunningham (aka Onion Knight Sir Davos, who... might be dead, I'm not sure), already signed to appear in the fifth series of Arthurian bromantic antics.

ITEM! Want to see a well known irritating opera-singing mascot get targeted for assassination by a beloved celebrity? Well, the below ad provides just that, although it has also received 43 complaints for some reason. So, um... WARNING: Contains cartoon violence. Please do not watch if you are a compulsive complainer.

(And just for the record, Television @ The Digital Fix does not endorse the brand in question, video supplied for purely cathartic purposes.)

ITEM! Well, more PRE-ITEM! really. We're coming up to San Diego Comic-Con, an event with an increasingly flimsy relationship to comics. Many of our favourite shows will be putting on events there, including good old Doctor Who, trucking across the Atlantic to try and pump up their newfound US success. Hopefully that means announcements, trailers and other things that make my job easier.

Most of interest to some might be the Firefly reunion panel, in which many cast members of the much-eulogised sci-fi Western will share a stage and reminisce. But will there be any kind of announcement about a follow-up project? Or an unrelated project with similar staff? Or just hardcore nostalgia? We'll see.

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