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News Surfing: Misfits! Red Dwarf! The Hour! Emmys! MORE!

I'm back from holiday (it was lovely, thanks), and have been ignoring TV news for a whole week, so the research for this week's News Surfing was a huge learning experience for me.

Which returning old show has a new trailer? Which reality stars are, um, going on strike? Does the covering of reality shows mean this column has now "jumped the shark"? All this and more!

ITEM! A few weeks back, I covered the announcements of new Misfits cast members, and now E4 have helpfully provided some pictures to go with it.

Below we see Curtis and Rudy posing with the new cast, and you can see more on Digital Spy, including a revelation about how they film those rooftop poses in the picture up top. It appears they might suffer serious tugging to the crotch area if they fall forwards.

ITEM! Meanwhile, Dave have released a trailer for the upcoming Red Dwarf X, showing this autumn. Let's be honest, the ninth mini-series thing Back To Earth was not great (FACT: the DVD director's cut edition was actually shorter than the broadcast one), but it seems likely I'll be watching anyway.

Because, I don't know. Affection. Or something. See the trailer below and puzzle at the odd shape of Kryten's nose.

ITEM! From former BBC shows to current ones, the Beeb have issued a BBC Drama trailer. We see glimpses of various new shows, including Parade's End, adapting Ford Maddox Ford's books and starring Benedict Cumberbatch of Sherlock fame.

Elsewhere, Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss stars in Top of the Lake and, most excitingly to me personally, a clip from the upcoming return of The Hour.

Oh, and the BBC also renewed police show Line of Duty for a second series, although not in time to appear in this trailer. Anyway, here it is:

ITEM! Meanwhile, we also have the nominations for the Primetime Emmys, the prime source of shiny validation for American TV shows. You can see the full list on Digital Spy.

In terms of commentary, the US cable channels (AMC, Showtime, HBO etc) are heavily represented this year, including 100% domination of the Drama Series category. This won't do much to slow the perception that there isn't much quality stuff on the regular networks nowadays.

And since I love cable shows like Homeland, Dexter, Breaking Bad and Veep, I can't really complain about their recognition. And nice to see our very own Sherlock and Luther in the mix too.

ITEM! Last and probably also least, the cast of The Only Way Is Essex are apparently striking over being worked too hard. Insert your own "The Only Way Is Unionising" joke here.

You can read the full details here, thus saving me the horrible task of reproducing them. I imagine the resultant bright orange picket line will be visible from space.

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