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News Surfing: Merlin trailer! Doctor Who movie news! Jack Whitehall regenerates! MORE!

Alright! News Surfing! The main news section already scooped me on the big TV news story of the day, namely that new Doctor Who trailer, but something else must've happened? Right?

Well, yes! And I found some more Doctor Who news as well!

ITEM! But first, along with the Doctor, the BBC's other Saturday night family franchise fing Merlin is back for a sixth year, and there's a trailer for that too.

It's even more disjointed and random than the Who promo, because the new series is much further away, but still. Oh, and Colin Morgan (aka the cross-age magician himself) says the new series will be much darker and more adult, which I'm sure he says every year.

And there will be a three year time jump, making it even odder that the Richard Wilson character hasn't died. Now, trailer!

ITEM! Now, in Doctor Who, showrunner Steven Moffat has said to Entertainment Weekly that the rumoured out-of-continuity reboot movie directed by David Yates was "some weird fantasy going on somewhere".

Which is an emphatic denial, I think. Moffat more or less confirms comments at the time: it would dilute the franchise, make the TV version seem unimportant and if they did a film one day, it would be in continuity with and featuring the lead actor from the series.

So that's nice.

ITEM! The cast of The Big Bang Theory do a bunch of Comic-Con interviews and confirm that they would like to see it run much longer. I personally think they've been uneven for the last couple of years, and have started to mock geek culture less affectionately. And less amusingly.

But different strokes for different folks, I can always just stop watching. The video is on Digital Spy and worth a look if only to confirm the size of beard US actors grow during their off-season. Johnny Galecki in particular, really going for it. That's one way to avoid being recognised at Comic-Con.

ITEM! Remember that BBC Two drama trailer I reported last week? Well, it's only fair I now include the BBC One equivalent, I think. Including what looks like a new Jack the Ripper series with Matthew Macfadyen of Spooks.

ITEM! The BBC's Rev, the well-reviewed gentle church comedy, has been confirmed as returning for a third series. This has been reported by Variety, and they also add that the show has been a "hit" for Hulu in the states.

Which surprises me a little, but I enjoyed the one episode I saw, so good taste, Americans. The show is aiming to return in 2014, so don't get excited quite yet.

ITEM! Remember when Jack Whitehall appeared in Fresh Meat and we were all pleasantly surprised by him? In fact, more than that, he was the best bit of the show?

Well, he's giving it another go in Bad Education, a new BBC Three sitcom in which he plays a rubbish young teacher. Clips available on the BBC official site, but this looks like a more "funny" version of the old Andrew Lincoln show Teachers to me.

And yes, okay, it also looks slightly terrible, but news is news. It airs this month on BBC Three. Extended trailer below:

ITEM! The BBC have renewed Room 101 for a 13th series. Discuss.

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