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News Surfing: HBO continues war on Presidency! Charlie Brooker back to hate everyone! MORE!

An overly aggressive News Surfing this week, as HBO, Charlie Brooker, New Girl and Dexter continue sustained attacks against targets. Only one of those three is trying to topple the President, though. The rest are just trying to attack the general public with their television programmes.

Not sure I can top that intro for drama, so let's get going.

ITEM! HBO continue their war on the Presidency! This is the most sensational-sounding TV news story of the week, and inevitably also the most banal. A few weeks ago, sadly before I started doing these, someone noticed that Game of Thrones accidentally used the severed head of George W. Bush in a scene. No, seriously, I'm not making this up.

Well, this week, HBO's True Blood went more current by having a gang of thugs wearing Barack Obama masks firing off guns. Digital Spy have the full story, may contain spoilers for current US episodes. But yes, HBO felt the need to issue a statement assuring the public (and the FBI) that this is a coincidence and the two shows are made by different people.

Here is the offending scene, it's not even a good resemblence.

All the while, fellow HBO shows Veep and The Newsroom have been making intentional points about politics, but no-one seems as bothered about that.

ITEM! Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, the scrappy mega-cynical Channel 4 drama, has been renewed for a second three part run, according to Broadcast Now. Filming starts in August, and this time Brooker will be writing all episodes himself. The last series was a flawed but entertaining work, so I look cautiously forward to seeing what he does with more.

If it doesn't include an interesting yet clumsy attempt to satirise either riots or the economy, I'll be sad. See my attempts to make sense of the first Black Mirror series on this very site.

ITEM! If you don't study the Radio Times like a holy scripture, you may have overlooked New Girl returning to UK TV on Tuesday, moved from primetime Channel 4 to... Tuesdays on E4.

Yes, that's a downgrade for Zooey Deschanel's festival of twee, but it's doing pretty well in the US, so there's no immediate danger. In the meantime, if you did miss the show's glorious comeback, the new episodes are up on 4OD.

ITEM! It looks like Misfits might be suffering the curse of long-running British shows: cast exodus. As well as the plot-related departure of Iwan Rheon's Simon and Antonia Thomas's Alisha after the last series finale, Lauren Socha is not returning as Kelly, because... well, it's unclear. Certainly wasn't in the script.

To replace them, Karla Crome and Nathan McMullen (no relation to Nathan from the first two series of Misfits) are joining, along with a third person. Crome, recently seen in Sky's Hit & Miss, spoke briefly to Cultbox about her excitement. I enjoyed Joseph Gilgun's new character in the last series, so I'll give New New Misfits a chance, but come on guys. Stop letting them wander off. Treat this more like actual community service.

ITEM! I may stop reporting new Dexter trailers as news if Showtime keep banging them out with this frequency. Not long after last week's blurry hallucinatory effort, a new pair of more conventional promos have appeared, featuring Dexter and his sister thrashing around in bed.

Not in an incest way, despite unsettling reveleations in recent episodes and the fact they were married in real life. Anyway, one is embedded below, the other is here, they're pretty similar.

ITEM! And finally, just like I did last week, Comic-Con news to finish. The annual festival of pop culture takes place in San Diego this weekend, and the coverage is ramping up. Not much of it is about comics, as ever.

But there are a few new posters for WB TV shows on Digital Spy, the news that the previously reported Firefly reunion panel will be filmed for those who can't attend and the promise of panels for Doctor Who (which ought to be returning soon), Community (see the fans attack the new producers after the old one got fired) and Game of Thrones (they'll probably unveil a poster or something), among others.

It seems likely that next week's News Surfing column will be dominated by Comic-Con news. I may even push it earlier in the week so said news doesn't seem tragically out of date. Stay tuned!

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