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NEWS SURFING: Graceful endings to Breaking Bad and Thick Of It! MORE!

Some might have expected this column to simply stop existing now that Doctor Who has aired, but no, here we are. Still existing.

I mean, I even have a new Who related news item, so really nothing has particularly changed. But first, something else.

ITEM! At long last, after much ado, The Thick Of It returns on Saturday. And creator Armando Iannucci gave a good interview to the Observer in which he talks about his feelings on real-life politics, but since TV news is our game, let's focus on the televisual nuggets.

And they are twofold: firstly, the new series of Thick Of It will probably be the last, bar the occasional special. I won't pretend I saw that one coming, but it also seems fair enough. I can't pretend it isn't nice when great shows realise they've done all they can and stand aside.

And it looks like they'll be stretching and experimenting with the series this year, promoting Roger Allam's Peter Mannion and his sidekicks from recurring guests to possibly main characters, so at least they're being interesting in the final days.

Secondly, Iannucci is pitching a new series to HBO (with whom he already makes Veep) set in Silicon Valley. Considering Iannucci's focus on maladjusted people who live in an ego-driven microcosm in his existing show, it sounds like it might have a chance. We'll have to wait and see.

But first, we get to watch the (potentially) final seven episodes of The Thick Of It. Here's a one minute preview clip, which does contain things you might call spoilers for the new status quo. If you're quite sensitive.

ITEM! Staying on the topic of shows getting off the stage at the right time, Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan has been talking about the upcoming end of that show, now that the first half of season five has aired and we only have eight mid-2013 episodes to go.

Said interview does contain total spoilers for the first half of the final season, but if you're okay with that, you can read it here.

Basically, he says they haven't finalised the ending yet, in fact we'd be surprised by how little they've done, but he does take the time to dismiss the rumours about the final episode of the show throwing things down the line to a future movie, rather than ending it properly.

The exact quote is "As far as I'm concerned, the end of this story is contained within these final eight episodes", and frankly, that's exactly what I want to hear. Breaking Bad has been one of the best US shows of the modern era, easily up there with all those HBO shows people usually cite, and it would be a shame if they let the desire for money and a film mess up the ending.

In fact, it would be the kind of selfish error in judgment you'd expect Walter White himself to make.

ITEM! Sorry, lapsed into editorialising there. Let's do some real news now: Neil Gaiman to write another Doctor Who episode!

Whilst accepting a Hugo Award for last year's well-received effort The Doctor's Wife, Gaiman let it slip in a self-deprecating, English fashion: "Only a fool or a mad man would try to do it again... so I'm on the third draft."

In many ways, he is the Hugh Grant of sci-fi/fantasy. In other Who news, Steven moffat talks to SFX about Jenna-Louise Coleman's role. Spoilers for the latest episode.

ITEM! Last but not least, a trailer for one last big TV return. ITV's Downton Abbey is back on September 16th, and here's a quick advance look...

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