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News Surfing: Comic-Con special! Doctor Who! Merlin! LOADS MORE!

Don't be fooled by the fact both days begin with a T, this week News Surfing comes to you on a Tuesday rather than a Thursday. Why? Because, as briefly mentioned in the last one, this weekend was Comic-Con in San Diego, and there is a fair bit of TV news outta there. I thought I'd get my coverage up before it looks woefully out of date.

Also relevant: I'm going on holiday this Friday, so getting the column out of the way now is convenient for me. But it's mostly the first thing. Onwards with the exciting television gossip and embedded videos!

ITEM! We cover Doctor Who a lot on this site, so it seems a reliable topic to lead with. The big three of Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill headed out to San Diego to publicise the upcoming seventh series, rumoured to begin late next month.

Well, the first five episodes are airing, anyway, a mini-series devoted to writing out the Ponds after two glorious years. All of which we already knew, also the first episode title was confirmed as Asylum of the Daleks, but we now know the second episode will be called Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Because someone had to make a sequel to Snakes on a Plane and it may as well be Doctor Who.

And the Western-themed episode, heavily featured in that trailer a while back, now has a title: A Town Called Mercy. Two more un-named episodes follow, the second involving Weeping Angels, and then Gillan and Darvill leave on a tsunami of tears. There were more quotable quotes, such as Smith saying he'd like a multi-Doctor episode, which we could have guessed.

And they showed footage from the two newly named episodes, but that isn't up for us internet losers. Instead, here's a short embed, taken from a much longer interview, in which the three lead actors from Doctor Who sing Bohemian Rhapsody.

ITEM! Right, after that long segment, a short Comic-Con update on Merlin, returning in autumn with a re-cast Mordred and a possible trilogy of movies after that series five has finished. All who breathed a sigh of relief after they announced the show would end with this run, you may now suck it back in. Much like Merlin will be hiding in his magical closet.

They are also threatening to reboot the entire plot for these films, one final deep sigh for fans desperately waiting for anything to actually happen. Having finally made forward movement last year, they could now lurch backwards. Digital Spy has a few more details, as well as a teaser poster.

ITEM! Staying with the theme of shows that will not die, we step away from Comic-Con, as Variety report that How I Met Your Mother might be renewed for a crazy ninth season, cementing its role as the twenty-first century re-incarnation of Friends.

If season nine doesn't start off with those kids getting off his sofa and showing that yellow umbrella somewhere dark and painful, realism is dead.

ITEM! And zapping back to San Diego, but on a zombie theme still (tenuous, I know), The Walking Dead deployed a lengthy season 3 trailer, and promised to rev up the story-telling. That show did pick up at the close of last season, but still good to know it won't be as shambling and ponderous as the early section.

So, to see David Morrissey join Andrew Lincoln in the pretend-to-be-American club, watch the trailer below.

ITEM! I vowed last week I wouldn't embed any more Dexter trailers, and I damn well meant it. But Showtime tricked me by releasing... not a trailer, but the first two minutes of the upcoming season seven. Fine. FINE.

Here it is, complete with amusing bleeped swearing, and yes, it does look pretty exciting.

ITEM! I've mentioned the Comic-Con Firefly reunion panel a couple of times here, and now the whole thing is up on YouTube. It would be remiss of me to not at least link to it. Here you go, Whedon fans. He does have a great tearful moment.

And in other Joss Whedon news, he is turning his hand to acting, guest-starring in Jane Espenson's web series Husbands, as reported in, well, The Hollywood Reporter. Espenson, of course, collaborated with Whedon on Buffy and other projects, and Whedon himself... is apparently determined to be good at everything.

ITEM! Apparently upcoming series Elementary, offering yet another modern take on Sherlock Holmes, had a pilot screening at Comic-Con and went down well. This according to Digital Spy's Tube Talk blog. This is the show featuring Johnny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as a female Watson. So yes, maybe we should ready ourselves to give this one a chance. No video, sadly.

ITEM! A trailer for Homeland season 2 was shown to fans, but it's not on the internet. Come on, Showtime. You throw Dexter trailers at me like cheap popcorn, but hold back the only one for your other big show? Rude.

Right. I think that's finally your lot for the week. Oh, yeah, Once Upon A Time will be featuring Captain Hook in season 2. ITEM!

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