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News Surfing: Celebrity Big Brother returns! Doctor Who, Glee, Thick of It almost return! MORE!

Good morning, happy Thursday, and time for this week's News Surfing, in which I report select nuggets of TV news, based on a basic criteria of:
a) Do I care?
b) Could I make fun of it?
c) Both if possible.

And this week, we start off with a fairly massive entry from section b:

ITEM! The return of Celebrity Big Brother! Now, I haven't watched a mid-run episode since the very first series when Jack Dee was on, but it's always interesting to see who the celebrities are, just as a gauge of who's cool or desperate right now.

Hell, in the relatively recent past of January, I did a whole run-down of the contestants, and misleadingly named it Celebrity Big Brother 2012, which could apply to two seperate events.

Anyway. This year's batch includes the usual one genuine famous person (Julian Clary), three soap stars (Martin Kemp, Julie Goodyear and Cheryl Ferguson), a member of a faded rap collective ("MC Harvey" of So Solid Crew), three models (Danica Thrall, Jasmine Lennard and Rhian Sugden), a daytime TV star (Coleen Nolan) and a couple of American celebrities, this time Prince Lorenzo Borghese from The Bachelor US and, um, a man called "The Situation" from Jersey Shore. Bit of a downgrade from the usual Americans, in that I don't recognise either of them.

More oddly, we have Olympic judo competitor Ashley McKenzie, and, um, journalist Samantha Brick, author of the infamous "other Women hate me because I'm beautiful" Daily Mail piece. I suppose her name is probably more widely known than some of the glamour models. But there are six other women in that house, so she'd best hope her article was wrong, or she's in for a pretty miserable time.

So, there we go. That's the current state of fame in this country. I probably won't mention this again.

ITEM! The new US TV Season is coming, and that means we finally get to see what ridiculous form season 4 of Glee will take. The first episode airs on September 13th in the US, is called The New Rachel and will feature a cover of Call Me Maybe. Of course.

TO spare you from having to imagine that, here is a new trailer...

ITEM! As reported on the main site, Doctor Who returns on the 1st September with Asylum of the Daleks by Steven Moffat.

Also confirmed for the following weeks, we have:

  • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship by Chris Chibnall

  • A Town Called Mercy by Toby Whitehouse

  • The Power of Three by Chris Chibnall

  • The Angels Take Manhattan by Steven Moffat

And that's the end of our five-week Pond-cleaning session. I will admit two Chris Chibnall episodes is a bit disappointing, as he's never written anything beyond "okayish" for this show, but the other three should be good, and hopefully Chibnall will hit form after taking last series off.

ITEM! In other returning BBC show news, Armando Iannucci tweets that the "ETA for new series of Thick Of It is very, very, very soon." Excellent.

ITEM! In the United States of A, John Barrowman has landed a recurring role in Arrow, the new CW series based on DC's Green Arrow comics. Entertainment Weekly has the story, although they can only reveal that his character is wealthy and "well-dressed".

Hopefully he's playing himself.

ITEM! Phil Davis joins Being Human playing Captain Hatch, a nasty, nasty wheelchair bound villain type. More description of his horribleness on Digital Spy.

ITEM! There are rumours that The Walking Dead may make a leap to a movie. This courtesy of Bloody Disgusting. However, they also stress that these are "non-business" conversations so probably won't go anywhere for a while, if ever.

Nonetheless, would you go see a movie of Andrew Lincoln running from zombies? Would the bigger budget mean more violence and less talking? You gotta hope so.

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