New Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery season two gives fans a first look at the new Spock

  1. NYCC revealed the new trailer for Star Trek: Discovery this weekend and it was packed with a host of new exciting moments. From the original Kingon D7 cruiser to Rebecca Romijn's new take on Number One from The Cage there was a lot to digest.

And this included the first look at Ethan Peck as Spock, sporting a bit of a bearded look. We assume this is not the Mirror counterpart, though Michelle Yeoh is back and just as deightfull evil as the alternate Philippa Georgiou.

Star Trek: Discovery will return in the US in the 17th January, with presumably a 18th January airfare on Netflix in the UK. CBS All Access will be releasing four character-centric mini episodes before season two's return. Unfortunately Netflix have no plans to show them in the UK.

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