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New Merlin Finale Trailer! Our Wish List For The Last Episodes!

The final two-parter of Merlin - The Diamond of the Day - is getting pretty damn nigh, with the first part airing on Saturday 22nd, then the last episode ever on Christmas Eve. Will it end in tragedy? Will Arthur die at Mordred's hand?

Well, I'm going to let you see my super-secret Merlin finale wish list - the ten things I want to see in these last days. No spoilers - I haven't seen a single minute beyond what's aired on BBC One.

But before we get listing, here's the new trailer...

My Merlin "The Diamond of the Day" Wish List!

  1. Arthur discovers Merlin's secret - Yes, an obvious one to start with, but sometimes the totally necessary gets overlooked. If this isn't included, I really will feel a bit cheated.

  2. Gwen does something - Anything that advances the plot will do. Just, y'know, some activity besides badly written evil turns and pushing the boundaries of the low-cut dress.

  3. Morgana concocts new evil plan - I'm not saying storming into Camelot, wearing the crown and pouting isn't a decent scheme, but Morgana's tried it for two series finales running now and it hasn't worked. Time for a new idea, maybe?

  4. More Lancelot please - I just love that character and miss him. Please use him again, guys. I'll settle for a flashback...?

  5. And also more Uther - See above. Anything that puts Anthony Head back on screen, really.

  6. Hardcore dragon action - Not the porny kind. But you can't deny us one last big dragon battle, maybe an epic flame-off between the Great Dragon and Aithusa?

  7. Harry kicks Voldemort in the crotch - Sorry, got confused, wrong boy wizard. I'll try again.

  8. Hours of Old Merlin - The scenes in which Colin Morgan plays Old Merlin/Emrys have been the best of the last few years by far. As much of that as possible, please, and I'm still anticipating an ending where he gets stuck in that form forever.

  9. Knight Fever, Knight Fe-ver-er - How will they end things for surviving knights Gwaine, Leon and Percival? Basically, at least one of them has to die, and my money is on Leon (the babyfaced one with the beard). The other two would be more fun to bring back in a film continuation.

  10. Doctor Who crossover - The final battle is raging, everyone is about to die, then suddenly, the Doc appears out of nowhere and snatches Merlin off to be his new sidekick. And he keeps randomly turning into an old man, just for the laughs.

Those are my hopes and dreams, laid bare for all to see - I'm off to watch a preview of the first part. I'll report back tomorrow, but for now, a question: what are your hopes for the last two Merlin episodes ever?

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