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New Doctor Who announced on Sunday!

As announced on every TV site in the world, the new Doctor Who lead actor will be unveiled to the world on BBC One Sunday night, in a live special starting at 7PM. There's a few more details on Bleeding Cool, not to mention a trailer below...

So, who will be the new Doctor? I'll be honest, I don't have a clue - I wouldn't be surprised to see they've finally heeded the calls for a Time Lord who isn't a white man, although I'd bet on non-white before female, but either/both could happen. I'm not expecting much joy for people hoping for an older Doc, though. Sorry, guys. They're giving you John Hurt as a small concession to the aging process, but I don't imagine the Beeb wanting the next "proper" actor any older than forty.

On the other hand, the predominant rumour this week has been Peter Capaldi, who is 55, so I could be wrong. I have no inside information, only gut feelings, and I'll be watching on Sunday with the rest of you, curiosity spilling out of my excited mug. Paterson Joseph would please me, as would Damian Molony of Being Human, but really I'm open to whoever they think will work. Anyone else want to get any last bets in?

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