Netflix picks up Gotham’s third season in the UK

Fans of Gotham can finally catch up on the show’s third season from the 1st September…

Fans of Gotham here in the UK are probably feeling the frustration of waiting for the show – a prequel retelling to Batman‘s city and rogue villains gallery – to finally air its third season. While Channel 5 showed the first two seasons and picked up the rights to the third, they have not shown any interest in airing the episodes.

However, Netflix has finally stepped in to air all new episodes along the first seasons on it’s currently streaming catalogue from September. The streaming site did a similar thing with Once Upon A Time a few years back after Channel 5 also dropped the show after two seasons.

With the fourth season due to air in the US shortly, and the DVD / bluray release of Gotham season three available from the 28th August, Netflix‘s deal means audiences won’t have to fork out for the boxset just to watch the season. Hopefully the streaming site will then air new episodes weekly when the show returns.

The third season will be available on Netflix UK from the 1st September…

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Updated: Aug 16, 2017

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