Is streaming fatigue starting to set in? Netflix sheds 130,000 customers

Netflix have, for the first time since they split their streaming and DVD rental business, lost customers – over 130,000 fewer people have a Netflix US subscription now than they did in the previous quarter. Obviously this is a tiny fraction of the overall Netflix customer base, but also a worrying sign for the streaming network who are beginning to lose third party content as more and more studios launch their own streaming offerings.

The next 12 months is going to see a huge shift in streaming as the traditional behemoths such as Netflix and Amazon Video find new competition from the likes of Disney, HBO and CBS who all are either launching their own streaming networks or already have streaming platforms up and running.

Consumers are soon to be faced with a choice between paying for every platform they want or picking the one that has the most programmes they want to watch. Whereas streaming was previously dominated by just a couple of services we’re going to see a dozen or so new ones spring up each with a similar monthly subscription fee – and lets be honest, our money can only stretch so far.

Netflix subscriptions have also been hit by price rises of late and they’ll need to double down on their original productions – which include the likes of Stranger Things and Lost in Space as well as their increasing slate of films which have included highlights such as Roma and Annihilation – to make up for the loss of series such as Friends and the Marvel and Star Wars films. There is going to be a lot more competition this time next year.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

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Is streaming fatigue starting to set in? Netflix sheds 130,000 customers | The Digital Fix