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Netflix Brings Once Upon A Time Back To The UK

It took its time to find its feet but with its clever twists on classic fairy tales Once Upon A Time grew into a stronger, more confident show in its second year. Sadly for UK viewers, Channel 5 dumped the show, citing high import costs. Fortunately Netflix has saved the day by bringing all four seasons to the UK streaming service.

Now UK audiences can binge watch on the third season for the first time - and having watched it, it is for the most part its strongest year yet - and follow up with the first 14 episodes of season four. Netflix will then release each new episode of the rest of the fourth season each Wednesday, a day after its US broadcast. In case you haven't heard, it is the season that adds a certain Elsa and Anna to the mix of of princesses and villains.

If you haven't seen Once Upon A Time yet, then now is your opportunity. If you can past an okay first run of episodes, there are some treats ahead.

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