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Netflix add support for offline viewing

Netflix have bowed to customer pressure and have made offline downloads an option for their customers. Previously they had stated no plans to bring the functionality to their streaming platform despite many calling for the feature.

Offline viewing gives customers the opportunity to download shows and films to their Android and Apple devices to watch while they're not connected to the internet - a boon for commuters and those who often travel with children.

It's unclear as to whether ALL titles will be available to view offline - the official word is "Select Titles", initially all of the Netflix original series are available along with other key series such as Supernatural, The 100 and The Flash. The company have stated they'll be expanding their offline viewing options going forward. Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer have offered offline viewing on all titles for a time so Netflix are still playing catchup even with this surprise development.


To download just click the small download icon next to the episodes you want - as shown in the screenshot above. There is also a new section on the Netflix app listing all titles available to download.


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