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'Mysterious' Fourth TV series in development at Marvel

Are you ready for another superhero TV show? Well Marvel thinks you do as Entertainment Weekly has exclusive reported that writer-producer John Ridley (who won an oscar for 12 Years A Slave) is working with the studio to develop their fourth TV series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And that isn't counting the Netflix shows. This comes on the back of the heels of the announcement last week that Marvel was looking to develop a spin-off to Agents Of SHIELD, with [still unaired in the UK] Agent Carter hoping for a second season.

But whereas the Agent Coulson-led TV show - and we assume its spin off - focuses on the people who work around superheroes, this new series is reportedly centered on an existing superhero, something that Marvel has only developed outside their cinematic universe with the Netflix shows Daredevil though to The Defenders.

Between Daredevil, The CW's Arrow, The Flash and two further shows, including the spin-off and CBS's Supergirl, superheroes are proving to be as popular on the small screen as they are on film.

There is no confirmation yet from Marvel or ABC, who produce Agents Of SHIELD, putting this firmly in the rumour camp for now.

Is this great news for superhero fans or another sign of the over-saturation of superheroes onscreen? Just as long as it is another Daredevil or The Flash and not a Gotham, I'll be happy...

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