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Moving on from Shooting Stars

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are moving on from the BBC’s cancellation of surreal panel show Shooting Stars. How? By working on a new show similar to Shooting Stars. They are also embarking on a film project where we will see the pair create a comedy in a hotel.

Reeves has said that the BBC’s decision to axe the 20 year old comedy panel show may be a blessing in disguise because it forces the pair to be more inventive in their work. He told The Sun that their new show would not be with the BBC:

“I didn't think we were required at the BBC any more so that's why we decided to go elsewhere."

Shooting Stars is getting on for 20 years old so it was probably a good thing the BBC didn't want it anymore. We can go on to be more creative.


“We are probably doing something that is similar but better. We have had a few ideas for names - one is Lucky Winners. I think that probably is the worst name for it ever but we like it.”

Reeves also revealed to the tabloid that Dan Skinner – better known as Angelos Epithemiou, the scorekeeper on Shooting Stars – will be part of the new show, alongside some new talent ‘you would have never heard of’.


Reeves and Mortimer are also working on a comedy film set in a hotel. A comedy set in a hotel? Hasn’t that been done before? The duo have promised that it will be a world away from the classic sitcom Fawlty Towers:

“We're writing a film. It's probably going to be about a hotel and some people trying to make a hotel work.”

“It’s going to be nothing like Fawlty Towers, it's going to be more like a Mike Leigh film.”

If, by any chance, you missed Shooting Stars over the last twenty years, you can watch clips of the surreal show on the BBC page here

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