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More Gossip about the Doctor Who Movie

Private Eye has not really been the most reliable source on Doctor Who in the past. One minute, Series 7 is having production problems because the BBC want Steven Moffat to concentrate on Sherlock (which Moffat later rubbished), the next minute the BBC were concerned about the show’s performance. One week, they even said that All Star Family Fortunes beat Doctor Who in the ratings (it appeared so on the overnight ratings but smart people tend not to base their reports on that; our favourite sci-fi show well and truly beat the ITV gameshow).

Recently we reported that David Yates is lined up to be the director of a film version of Auntie Beeb’s jewel in the crown. It can be seen here in all its glory.


Private Eye, the kind and loving things that they are, has given some context on the film version news. If the film was to go ahead, it would be under the watchful eyes of Jane Tranter and BBC Worldwide. They reported:

“The news (about the film) was the first showrunner Steven Moffat had heard that negotiations had reached such a stage. A sticking point in Moffat’s negotiations over his hiring as Who supremo back in 2008 had been his concern about a mooted movie overshadowing his work on the TV series. So failing to give him any advance warning — not least because Yates spoke of the need for “quite a radical transformation” which would “start from scratch” — was, at the least, tactless. But then since very senior people at the BBC openly describe Moffat as “a problem”, this may have been the idea.”


The only response we have heard from Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat is via his Twitter account (@steven_moffat):

“Announcing my personal moonshot, starting from scratch. No money, no plan, no help from NASA. But I know where the moon is – I’ve seen it.”

Even Doctor Who Magazine journalist Benjamin Cook took the news with a pinch of salt by saying on his Twitter account (@benjamin_cook) that the news was indeed true; X Factor the Movie is in pre-production (NOTE: We can neither confirm nor deny this comment).

Other ‘news’ about the rumoured Doctor Who movie is that Hugh Laurie has topped a fan’s poll for the favourite actor to play The Doctor. The British actor and comedian is famous for his comedy partnership with Stephen Fry and playing lead role in US medical drama House M.D.. He beat Gary Oldman, Ewan McGregor and James McAvoy in the poll of 7000 readers on Ewan McGregor, however, ruled himself out of the role when talking to Craig Ferguson on his US Chat Show The Late, Late Show. McGregor said that he does not even watch the show because he has no interest in it whatsoever.


Whatever the news, we have been told that the movie will take about 3 or 4 years to get going and they currently have no writers, actors or crew yet. For the time being, Doctor Who is firmly in Moffat’s hands.

The website for the current television series of Doctor Who featuring a trailer for the Christmas special can be seenhere

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