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More 24 Is On It's Way, Without Kiefer Sutherland As The Lead

With the critical success of 24:Live Another Day last year, it was only a matter of time before Fox greenlit further episodes. After all TV revivals are all the rage these days. The big question hasn't been if 24 will return, rather if series lead Kiefer Sutherland would be back.

Well the answer is kind of both. Fox are eyeing up another limited run - perhaps emulating the successful 12-episode format of last year, but with Sutherland only appearing in a guest star capacity. Instead, Fox will be looking for a younger series lead - Jack mark 2 - presumably to headline future seasons if a non-Jack Bauer-lead season is a success. This hero would apparently be a 'a new twenty-something male terrorist hunter'.

This sounds very much like the passing of the baton; unless this new 24 series acts as a prequel to 24: Live Another Day, it would at least serve to give closure to Jack Bauer's story. Perhaps finding a way to escape his Russian captors and find that happy ending he deserves? Assuming he does cameo of course.

What do you think? Can 24 work without Jack Bauer? Is this news the new lease of life 24 needs or the final nail in the coffin? Either way, whether he guest stars for one or more episodes, this is likely to be Sutherland's last.

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