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Misfits cancelled with series five!

Channel 4 have announced the cancellation of Misfits with series five! After the recent deaths of Merlin and Being Human, this doesn't seem a great time to be a genre TV show in the UK, does it?

Admittedly, of the three shows in this subset, Misfits is going into its ending at the lowest point, having recently meandered through an okay-ish fourth series.

Nonetheless, Howard Overman is a talented writer and there are still some good actors on that show, so I remain hopeful they can pull out a decent climax - and if they can bring Robert Sheehan back for another spell as Nathan, all the better. So, let's get ready to say farewell to Misfits. You may have had a rough last year, but you were amazing in your prime. Will you miss the ASBO super-brats?

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