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Millions watch Matt Smith's debut as The Doctor

The BBC have released the initial viewing figures for Matt Smith's debut in Doctor Who. The show, which has a whole new creative team alongside the new lead actor and actress (Karen Gillan as Amy Pond), attracted 8.4 million viewers on broadcast and the final official total is expected to break 10 million once viewers who recorded the show to watch later are taken into account.

This compares favourably with David Tennant's swansong which was watched by 10.4 million on New Years Day.

The Eleventh Hour, which introduces Matt Smith's take on the Doctor has received much praise since broadcast with many fans satisfied with both the in-front and behind the camera changes. Second episode, The Beast Below, is due for broadcast on 10th April and will see the Doctor and Amy visit city with a difference, 1,000 years in the future...

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