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Mike Colter Teases A More Adult Luke Cage Series

We are now weeks away from the unveiling of Marvel and Netflix's first series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; all 13 episodes of Daredevil will be available on the 10th April. Further down the line will be Luke Cage with the titular character played by Mike Colter and the actor has begun to tease what we might begin to expect from his series.

In a recent interview with IGN, Colter stated "What I'm most excited about is touching on what makes him tick. It feels good to get a character that has such a story, background, and history. And when I look at the scripts, I'm really pleased with it because it's a slow-burn; there's nothing happening really fast that gets ahead of itself."

On the tone of the series, Colter said "I'm really pleased with where they're taking it and how they're developing the characters, because it's really cool and it's geared towards an adult audience, which is something that will be different from the Marvel Cinematic Universe you've seen before on the big screen."

We have already seen that more 'adult' approach in the recently-released Daredevil trailer and Colter's comments suggest this will continue across all the shows, with Aka Jessica Jones (where he will make his debut) and iron First (no details on this series yet) coming out through 2015-2016. Luke Cage will complete the round up before the big hero team up The Defenders.

Plenty of drama from the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the next few year then, on the big screen and the small.

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