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Michael Dorn Suggests A Captain Worf TV Show Might Happen

Michael Dorn, the man who brought Klingon Starfleet Officer Worf to life on Star Trek:The Next Generation before moving to spin off show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for the last four seasons, has been talking about his long-running campaign to create a Captain Worf TV show. And in a interview with Spinoff Online he has confirmed that Paramount has not discounted his idea.

When asked about the recent public interest in a Captain Worf TV show, Dorn said "Well, I think it all started in 2012 because when I just basically — this blogger asked me some questions about “Star Trek” and I said, “Oh, there’s always space for ‘Star Trek’ on television. And this is my idea that I had, and it’s in the embryonic stage…” And from that, it just kind of took off."

Star Trek certainly works best on television and there has been a lot of talk about a new TV show as the 50th anniversary approaches. Dorn added that though the thoughts of a Worf TV show started to gain fruition in 2012, the idea first began years earlier.

"It started when I saw these two episodes from “Deep Space Nine.” One was called, “Once More into the Breach,” and the other was called, “Soldiers of the Empire.” And when I saw those episodes, it really lit a fire under me, that it was great writing — they were written by Ron Moore — and it was wonderfully acted in terms of all the Klingon characters and the things that were at stake. And even though they’re not human, the human condition that showed up in all these characters, it really was like, “There’s a series here.” That’s what first started it.

At that point, we were still doing the movies, and the producer had a very tight grip on what direction he wanted the “Star Trek” shows and the movies to go in. And I just went, “Well, you know, I’m just an actor sitting around doing lines. I’m not in those meetings,” so I kind of let it go. But I always had it in the back of my mind.

Dorn didn't give anything concrete on the show's development but he did suggest that Paramount hadn't said no to his ideas. "Without knowing the inner workings of any of that stuff or being in any of the meetings, so far, I just think that if they can see that it can be a success, and there’s a place for it, and it can be lucrative without causing too much consternation in the executive offices, I think they’d be open to it. Especially since they have a character that’s willing."

Dorn added. " There’s a script. The fans are in place. It’s kind of all there."

What do you think? Is there room for a Captain Worf TV show considering the franchise has now gone through a virtual reboot? Or is it just the wishful thinking of Michael Dorn and a handful of fans? Either way, Star Trek certainly needs a return to television...

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