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Maybe, Prime Minister

It has been said that David Cameron can appear rather comical at times. The tuition fee rise was a barrel of laughs. The cuts to the police had them rolling in the aisles. The unemployment numbers rising to 2.75 million is a laugh-a-minute. Why hasn’t someone decided to write a sitcom about him yet? They have plenty of material. Enter the Australian Quail Television.

Quail Television created a sitcom in Australia about their prime minister, Julia Gillard, called At Home with Julia. However, controversy ensued when one scene suggested Julia and her boyfriend had just had sex under an Australian flag in her office. The broadcaster ABC decided not to go ahead for a second series.

The creative director of Quail Television told The Independent:

‘The format is about the balancing professional and personal life and that applies to different leaders and circumstances. In the English version you have Cameron's wife, Samantha, who comes from a very affluent background but has to live in this pokey accommodation. The comedy also comes from the tensions between Cameron and Clegg power-sharing in No 10.'


Government has been parodied in comedy with examples such as Yes, Minster, The Thick of It and John Major’s mundane life satirised in Spitting Image.

Quail Television are touting the format at the Mipcom television market in Cannes this week, and say they are in talks with British companies.

One thing is for certain: this sitcom probably will not resemble The Royle Family. Unless Mr Cameron responds negatively to someone in the House of Commons. “My a**e!” may replace “Calm down, dear” as his latest catchphrase.

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