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Max von Sydow Joins Ian McShane On Game Of Thrones Season Six

Max von Sydow has joined the cast of Game of Thrones season six as the Three-Eyed Raven. The role was previously played by Struan Rodger in the season four finale The Children. Presumably his scenes will be shared with Isaac Hempstead Wright's Bran Stark, recently confirmed as returning for season six. (We didn't report this as it was already previously confirmed that Hempstead Wright was sitting out season five.

von Sydow is the second big name to join Game Of Thrones is the last few days, with Ian McShane also cast in a mysterious role. With the show passing the books the entirety of season six's plot is unknown, though apparently the rumour goes that McShane will play Randyll Tarly - father of Sam Tarly - or of Balon Greyjoy's brothers Victarion, Aeron or Euron. Our money is on Lord Tarly or 'Euron Crow's Eye', a pirate and reaver.

To recap all the latest Game Of Thrones news, HBO have also been talking about the endgame for the show. Series creator's David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were aiming for seven seasons, but apparently HBO have convinced them to do eight. Given the critically acclaimed money-making machine that Game of Thrones is, HBO have also said they are open to prequels. They certainly aren't ready to let this world go any time soon.

No news on the next book though...

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