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Matt Strevens executive producing Doctor Who alongside Chris Chibnall?

It looks as if there is going to be more than one person in charge of Doctor Who when Steven Moffat departs the show after season 10 next year. This morning the BBC tweeted that Matt Strevens will be joining Chris Chibnall as Executive Producer on DoctorWho Series 11.

However, the BBC have since deleted the tweet and nothing official has been announced, though Strevens has been responding to tweets congratulating him on the new role. This suggest the BBC were being a little premature; with filming only just underway on Moffat's final series it will be some time before we get anything concrete on what Doctor Who might look like after he leaves. Strevens working alongside Chibnall would mark a departure from the sole-showrunner position established by Moffat and Russell T Davies; one of a number potential changes including the suggestion that Chibnall will be looking to adopt US 'writer's room approach' from 2018.

Matt Strevens is no stranger to Doctor Who. A self-confessed Peter Davison fan, he was the producer on Mark Gatiss's excellent 50th anniversary drama An Adventure In Space And Time.

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