MacGyver is coming to Blu-ray in the UK!

MacGyver is set to come to Blu-ray in the UK on 12th November with the release of the first season spanning five discs.

Own all 22 episodes from Season One of the original MacGyver, newly remastered in HD on Blu-ray for the first time ever! Relive the adventures of Angus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson), a secret agent who outwits his deadly enemies with quick thinking and a few everyday objects he finds along the way. Armed with duct tape, a pocketknife, and scientific training, this expert problem solver’s missions are more intense than ever before. Get a closer look at the hero who proves brains beat brawn every time.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Oct 02, 2018

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MacGyver is coming to Blu-ray in the UK! | The Digital Fix