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Luther will return for a fifth series

Fans of Idris Elba's gruff London detective can rejoice; the series will be back for a fifth series on BBC One, with four new episodes that will apparently be 'bigger, bolder and of course more scary than ever'.

Digitalspy has exclusively revealed that Luther will be back to answer all those questions left hanging (hopefully the show will find a way to deal with the unsatisfying fate of Alice Morgan from series four).

Speaking about the return of Luther, the show's creator and writer Neil Cross made the following statement...

"Now what? It's a question Idris and I get asked a lot...It can't be over, can it? There's so much we don't know. So much unfinished business. The thing is, we've been asking ourselves the same question.

"I'm scared of the monsters. The face at the window. The hand under the bed. The shadow at the end of the street. Who's going to stop them, if not John Luther?"

The show's star Idris Elba added...

"Neil, the BBC and I have been talking about a further season and I am thrilled that we have been able to bring it all together. I look forward to putting the coat back on."

There's no news yet on the airdate. The two-part fourth series aired at the end of 2015...

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