Lucifer returning for two bonus episodes - but no season 4 renewal

There's been quite a bit of uproar regarding Lucifer's cancellation by Fox, and while there has been no news of a pick up elsewhere (The CW has confirmed they have no interest), series star Tom Ellis has been quite vocal about attempts to revive the show on another network.

"Talks are happening. It's not going to be an instantaneous thing like Brooklyn Nine-Nine was. It's worth reiterating that to the fans. But we're not giving up.

"I never felt like the numbers on Fox ever really reflected the actual popularity of the show. If anything, (the fan reaction) has really galvanised us and picked us up from the floor."

However, the season three finale isn't quite the last we've seen of Lucifer, with two bonus episodes airing on Monday 28th May in the US (and presumably Amazon here in the UK next week). As with season two, some standalone episodes have been held over - the intention to add them to a now dead season four.

The first episode, Boo Normal, sees Ella recall a big childhood secret. The second episode Once Upon a Time features the voice of Lucifer creator Neil Gaiman as the voice of God in a fairytale episode set in an alternate universe.

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