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Legends Of Tomorrow: Vixen to join the season two roster

We're a couple of episodes away from the season one finale of Legends Of Tomorrow here in the UK but it seems as if season two will feature some new faces. One of those will be Vixen - but there's a twist. Megalyn Echikunwoke will not be playing the superpowered hero.

Echikunwoke is busy playing the animated version of the character in the second season of web series Vixen over in the US and despite a guest appearance in Arrow season four's Taken will be too busy to appear in Legends Of Tomorrow season two. Instead the show will feature an earlier version of Vixen to wear magical totem, giving her the the abilities of animals.

More news as we have it, though beware! There are plenty of spoilers out there for the rest of season one of Legends Of Tomorrow. In the meantime, Robert Turnbull's review of the latest episode will up shortly.

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