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Legend Of Zelda Coming To Netflix As A Live Action TV Series?

Rumours broke last night of a new Netflix series in development; an adaptation of the computer game Legend Of Zelda, which has been massively popular since it was originally released in 1987. It follows a stream of announcements from Netflix that demonstrate how confident this online streaming site in bringing new and original shows alongside its catalogue of TV series and films.

There is no detail yet on what the story line might be and what writers might be involved but Netflix have called this the 'Game Of Thrones for a family audience'. It could just be the next big thing for the site. For those unfamiliar with the game, it follows a boy called Link who must rescue Princess Zelda and save the fantasy world of Hyrule.

Computer game adaptations have not gone down to well in the past; we all remember the film versions of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and - shudder - Super Mario Bros. (One of my biggest regrets in life was choosing to watch that at the cinema over Jurassic Park!). Let's hope Legend Of Zelda might be something altogether different and just a little bit special.

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