Kyle MacLachlan discusses the new Twin Peaks; "Everything Will Make Sense"

Warning; covers spoilers for the first eight episodes of Twin Peaks season three...

With Twin Peaks eight episodes into its 18-part revival, and fans steel reeling from that mesmerising eighth episode that saw the creation of Bob and a whole host of terrifying spirits, series star Kyle MacLachlan has been chatting to The Hollywood Reporter about the series and has promised that "everything will make sense".

When asked about his reaction to the revival and many, many questions it has been raised, MacLachlan told THR...

It's really fun to see. I think we all knew it was going to be a challenging journey for the audience, simply because it is 18 parts of one giant piece, and it's sequential, so people really have to stay with it. And also that David's storytelling is filled with imagery and different perspectives and characters and things that may initially be confusing to people, but ultimately everything will come back together and make sense. It will be clear. But it's challenging, you know? The other part of that is there has been a real, complete love from a large part of the audience for this new direction of Twin Peaks. No one has ever seen anything like this on television before. That's some of the excitement, I think.

He also talked about playing different versions of Cooper, from his evil doppleganger to the surprise debut of Dougie Jones.
The evil dopelgänger is of course a remorseless killing machine, basically just going around consuming. It's what he wants. He moves through the world in that way. That was challenging and exciting to play, to get into that character, to find his look and his feel and his energy and his drive. I was also very fortunate to have David as the director, so we could work together to move this character through this story.

The other character of Dougie is not too dissimilar to a character I played in The Hidden years ago. It's just a further degree of someone who is new to the world and is discovering it as he goes along. There's a veil that he's not able to get through. I watched Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, Jeff Bridges in Starman, Peter Sellers in Being There; that was a big influence. Those were influences in terms of how to tackle this character. It provided a lot of opportunity for comedy, too. We were mining that. The comedy of timing and exasperation for those around us — particularly Naomi [Watts, who plays Dougie's wife, Janey-E Jones]. She carries the lion's share of the load.

When asked about his reaction to finding out the good Cooper had been trapped in the Black Lodge for 25 years, and whether it was as heartbreaking for him as the audience, MacLachlan replied...
I knew that the audience was excited, just based on social media, for the return of the Cooper that they remembered. I couldn't say anything about that — that there was a process that had to happen before the ship could right itself, let's say. I also like to say we're basically ... my take on it is that the world is out of balance, and we're trying to take it back into balance now. We have 18 hours to do that. But I knew it would be difficult for people. Many people wanted the nostalgic return to the Twin Peaks that they remembered. And that's not what we're representing here. There are a lot of new stories going forward.

The new season has certainly taken Twin Peaks in a surprising new direction, and with the script for the revival a solid 150 pages broken into 18 parts, it's clear we've got a while to go before it all becomes clear.

You can read The Hollywood Reporter's full interview with MacLachlan here. And Twin Peaks will return after a week's break this Sunday in the US, with the episode available on Sky Atlantic from 2am on Monday and airing on Tuesday at 9pm...

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