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Katee Sackhoff to create and star in futuristic TV series Rain

Katee Sackhoff is making her return to sci-fi with a new TV series Rain. Deadline is reporting that Sakhoff has written and will executive produce the show through her own production company Fly Free Productions. Leland LaBarre will serve as producer, while Sackohoff's company will be teaming up with Continuum producer Reunion Pictures. She will also be taking on the lead role.

Rain has been described as an evolutionary parable that explores the long-term effects of global warming, burning of fossil fuels, the scientific manipulation of nature and its effect on the planet. The character of a soldier called Rain - played by Sackhoff - will be the audience's eyes and ears into this possible future.

Reunion Pictures’ Tom Rowe said about the series, "With Rain, Katee has created a future world and a story that are compelling as both a sweeping vision and a very personal exploration of a civilization in harrowing decline by its own hand. She has written a great story and we are excited to be working with her.

Katee Sackhoff added “It’s great to be in business with Reunion. Their credentials in the genre are outstanding and they share my vision in telling a story that means a lot to me.

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