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Julian Assange to guest star in The Simpsons

More evidence that Matt Groening's The Simpsons has lost its way? Quite possibly.

Entertainment Weekly are reporting that the Wikileaks founder will play himself in the cartoon's 500th episode on 19th February. According to EW, Groening heard that Julian Assange was interested in a role on the show so set casting director Bonnie Pietila on the trail.

Assange's lines were recorded over the summer while he was still under house arrest in the UK.


Julian Assange hit headlines last year with the release of many top secret US Government cables. He was arrested following accusations of a sex-related crime in Sweden and is due to appear in court on extradition charges.

The episode itself sounds like a right barrel of laughs...

In the milestone episode, Homer and Marge discover that the residents of Springfield are holding a secret town meeting to kick them out of Springfield for all of their shenanigans over the years. As a result, "the Simpsons go off the grid to this very rugged place where they meet Assange, who’s sort of their new Flanders," explains Jean. And how exactly is he like pious neighbor Ned? "Well, he lives next door," quips Jean. "The similarities end there… He invites them over for a home movie and it’s an Afghan wedding being bombed."

Could Assange's casting be a new low point for the series that has seemingly lost its way in recent years, or is this kind of stunt casting needed to enable the show to regain the edge it once had?

Source: EW.

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