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Jonathan Creek returns to BBC One at Easter 2013

We might be all focusing on Christmas at the moment, but let's pause for some Easter news, as the BBC have announced the return of Jonathan Creek come Egg-Season 2013.

Alan Davies, of course, will be wearing the Duffle Coat Of Justice once more, with Sheridan Smith reprising her role as his accomplice Joey Ross. The story will be written by Daivd Renwick as ever, and entitled: The Clue Of The Savant's Thumb.

Accompanying the press release was this quote from Alan Davies: "The new story has more than the usual amount of twists and surprises, and I’m very much looking forward to sleuthing again. I can’t wait to join Sheridan Smith on set again; we’re very lucky to have her. It’s nearly 17 years since I first auditioned for the part; the duffle coat is always on standby, even if the periods of duffle-hibernation are quite long these days."

Creek last appeared on screen in an Easter 2010 special, and although I found the show less charming since Caroline Quentin left, Renwick can still spin an intriguing mystery, so this should be worth checking out.

And unlike Christmas, there isn't usually much competition at Easter, so hey, give it a punt. And if you must have a link back to Santa in every post, the boxset of previous Jonathan Creek episodes would probably make a great gift.

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