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Jessica Jones Showrunner: It Will Be A Very Different Show To Daredevil

With Marvel recently announcing that each new Netflix show will air six months apart in the lead up to The Defenders, attention has been turning to the next installment: Jessica Jones. Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg was on the panel of the TCA Press Tour this week, discussing the tone and feel of the show.

"Jessica Jones is a very different show than Daredevil. We exist in the cinematic universe. The mythology of the universe is connected, but [each show looks] very different. Tonally, they're very different."

Rosenberg went on to compare the show with the source material. Brian Michael Bendis' graphic novel, Alias.

"If you pick up Bendis' graphic novel, Alias, and you pick up Daredevil, they're wildly different. And the shows ‑‑ that was my one concern coming in. 'Okay. Am I going to have to fit into whatever has been done with Daredevil or with any of the Marvel things before? The answer was, 'No. That's why we're hiring you, for your point of view.'"

On the panel with Rosenberg was Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight, whose discussed the gruelling filming schedule for both shows

"It's nonstop. As Melissa already knows, it's very challenging to shoot in New York. It's challenging with locations. It's challenging to get crews because there's so many things shooting. And the weather is incredibly challenging. I started Daredevil ‑‑ it was blazing hot in the summer, and I ended freezing my ass off in the winter. And then she came and started in the winter and is finishing in the summer. So it's quite brutal. Beyond that, Melissa is a pro. Everything I've seen and heard about Jessica Jones is fantastic. I'm a big fan of the graphic novel by [Brian Michael] Bendis, who just recently was singing the show's praises. I couldn't tell her anything she doesn't already know."

"I already grilled him when we first were crossing paths in the writers' office." Rosenberg noted. "Steven has the advantage. His show is called Daredevil, but Daredevil has an outfit. He has a mask. So Charlie Cox can get a break every once in a while. My show is called Jessica Jones. There's no mask. Krysten Ritter is the hardest working woman in show business."

On Bendis's graphic novel Alias, Rosenberg added. "He created this incredibly flawed, damaged, interesting character. Regardless of gender, it was the character that drew me in. He wasn't afraid to go there, and we went even further. We've been going further in all of our storytelling. That's the beauty of working with Netflix. It's 13 [episodes]. I'm doing 13. All of us are doing 13. There's no pilot and then getting feedback and reactions and ratings. You're just in this bubble. It's a little scary at times, but it's also, I think, the most freeing experience I've ever had.

"With Jessica, we are pushing the edge really far. Is the audience going to respond to this or not? If I'm worried about it, I'm doing the right thing."

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