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James Franco To Headline New Stephen King TV Series 11/22/63

11/22/63. JFK was killed. The world changed. What if you could change it back?

That is the premise of Stephen King's 2011 novel, now being adapted for the TV. News has broken that James Franco will be headlining the show - and producing it for Hulu alongside TV mastermind and movie director JJ Abrams.

Franco will play Jake Epping, a thirty-five-year-old English teacher in Maine, who discovers that the storeroom of a local diner contains a portal to 1958. Jake becomes a time traveller with a mission; prevent the Kennedy assassination. Only a certain Lee Harvey Oswald is already there to stop him.

The show will be nine episodes long. Hopefully it won't find itself dragged out like the other current Stephen King TV adaptation Under The Dome, originally conceived as a one-season show but now heading towards its third season

No news yet on when 11/22/63 might air, but 2016 is a likely possibility.

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