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Is there life after the Miracle?

We all know that Captain Jack Harkness can live forever but can the show in which he stars survive any longer? After Torchwood: Miracle Day aired on both sides of the pond, there has been much talk regarding its return (or no return, in some cases).

For instance, John Barrowman who plays Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood has fuelled speculation about its next move. In an interview with website End of Show, Barrowman revealed that he would like to see the sci-fi show move on to the big screen.

He explained:

“What I would like is Jack Harkness on the big screen. After four seasons I think that is our next progression. I’d get my production company involved in it, I’d get Russell (T Davies) and Julie (Gardner) involved in it, and I think it would look phenomenal on the big screen.”


Barrowman’s co-star Eve Myles who plays Gwen Cooper has also stated intention to carry on further than the fourth series. During an interview with the NZ Herald, she said that “there is life” in the series beyond the recent Miracle Day.
“I thought after Children of Earth, how do you top that? If you can’t top it, don’t come back. What we try to do every year is tell a different story. Some might like the more alien stuff, some might like the domestic stuff, but you can’t ever say it will be boring or samey. As long as there’s Russell T Davies, there is life in Torchwood.”


However, the recent series of Torchwood has been criticised by fans for reasons such as being ‘too American’, there is ‘not enough Wales’ in it, et al. Russell T Davies (the head writer and creator of Torchwood) has not confirmed anything yet.

Will Captain Jack Harkness stop being a fixed point in time and space? The power seems to be in Russell T Davies’ hands.

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