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Is Ryan Phillippe Playing Iron Fist?

With Daredevil already finished its first series and Aka Jessica Jones and Luke Cage cast and in production, only the casting for Iron Fist remains unconfirmed. Now while being interviewed on the Howard Stern Show, Ryan Phillippe has prompted rumours that he may up for the lead role of Danny Rand /Iron First.

When asked by Stern on what TV projects he might be involved with next after his successful role in Secrets And Lies, Philippe replied "Marvel is interested in talking about Netflix, a series possibly."

Naturally this led to to a buzz of speculation that Marvel / Netflix had found their final key role in the lead up to The Defenders TV series. Phillippe and Stern's following discussion about Daredevil only fuelled the rumour further.

However Philippe then went on to tweet the following; "I have no real Marvel news other than an upcoming meeting. sorry to disappoint fans thought there was more to it. there is no story there,"

With that, we'll put the Ryan Phillippe has Iron First firmly in the rumour camp. Though expect some definite news on the final Netflix show shortly...

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