No, The Inbetweeners hasn’t been removed and no, Gavin and Stacey won’t be either…

Update on 12th June

So after UK comedy fans getting all wound up about The Inbetweeners not actually being removed from streaming the Daily Mail yesterday decided to turn four tweets – one that doesn’t exist, one from a locked account, one from a parody account and one that was a joke – into a news item that suggested that Black Lives Matter campaigners were calling for Gavin and Stacey to be the next TV series to be pulled due to offensive content.

Clearly this was all made up outrage – similar to the annual reports that Muslims want us to cancel Christmas or that chocolate manufacturers are to stop using the term Easter Eggs. It’s designed to whip up a portion of society and to create an air of anger that is based on nothing but the figment of someone’s imagination. It’s the text book definition of trolling – and it works.

There are reasons why there have been campaigns against news papers such as The Sun and the Daily Mail over recent years. Their brand of journalism is built upon causing divisions in society – they’re dangerous publications.

Gavin and Stacey itself recently returned for a Christmas Special that has since spawned work on a brand new series. It’s one of the UK’s biggest comedy series in recent years despite having just one new episode since 2010.

Previously posted on 11th June

Over the last week the UK TV industry has had something of a shakeup in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests with a number of series being removed from streaming platforms due to their problematic content. Shows such as Little Britain feature racist imagery such as blackface alongside other offensive content that mocks those with disabilities and more.

However this has led the media into something of a frenzy with misreporting with a hope of stoking further anger – the most recent being the frothing Daily Mail report that The Inbetweeners has been removed from the official YouTube channels. However the truth is something entirely different – the clips have all been removed for copyright and rights reasons and all episodes of the shows remain available to watch on Channel 4’s All4 platform. The key reason for the YouTube clips being removed is that BritBox has now picked up broadcast rights and the series are being added to that streaming platform too.

The murder of George Floyd has triggered a huge number of discussions across social media and it’s right that we reflect on our past and make changes to improve those who are persecuted in the future. TV shows, even into recent years, have seen many racial tropes used for humour and this has always been offensive. The removal of certain shows from streaming platforms ISN’T rewriting or hiding our past; those shows will always have existed and they’re still available on physical media – but presenting them to audiences now is rightly something we should be more careful about.

HBO Max has removed Gone With The Wind for similar reasons – however that film will be returning to the service soon prefaced with a discussion on its place in history along with the troublesome aspects that it includes.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

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