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House Of Cards Season Three Arrives Early...Oh Wait, It Didn't!

The hotly anticipated third season of House Of Cards made a surprise appearance on Netflix yesterday, two weeks before its planned 27th February debut. But before you head over to Netflix for a glorious 13-episode binge watch of Netflix's best show, hold your horses. It was all just a glitch and it was removed a couple of hours later.

It was shortly follows by an announcement from the official House Of Cards twitter feed, stating "This is Washington. There's always a leak. All 13 episodes will launch February 27."

The full third season didn't completely leak early - the first 10 episodes (Chapters 27-36) were available, but the final three were notably missing, meaning there shouldn't be any spoilers out there running the ending of the season for us. I say shouldn't, because you never can tell with the internet.

In the meantime, temper your disappointment with another look at the season three trailer and we'll all be back for more Frank Underwood on February 27th!

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