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Heroes to return as XBox original series?

Is Heroes returning as an original programme via XBox? That's a rumour that's been going around since yesterday, seemingly originating with TV Line. Apparently MSN wants to get into the original streaming content business, and has hit on the idea of bringing back the once-popular real life superhero show.

Due to practical and budget issues, this would focus on new characters, with potential cameos from the original cast. So would this interest you, or should this show stay dead? (A feat most of its characters could never manage.) We have some thoughts after this picture.

Despite having an excellent and well-received first season, Heroes hit real problems following that up. The second season got off to a faltering start, and was strangled by the writer's strike just as it finally got going. Most of the remaining viewership were shaken off by the first half of season three, which was... just terrible - not going to make excuses for them there. The show picked up a little in the latter half of that season, and I quite enjoyed season four despite the ridiculous superpowered carnival storyline, but by then it was too late.

Nonetheless, I'm actually quite positive about this revival idea. Bringing in a load of new characters, whilst playing down many of the old ones, is arguably what Heroes should've done after seasons 1-2, and rumour has it that was the original plan, but they got cold feet as TV shows often do. So instead the same few people stuck around, their backstories growing more incomprehensible and conspiracy-laden with every passing episode. But if they can focus on new ideas and keep things moving, excellent. Maybe having a small budget will force them to be interestingly creative.

Also, as well as the original cast being unattached, Heroes creator/showrunner Tim Kring is now working on Kiefer Sutherland vehicle Touch, so there's no guarantee he'd even be involved. It might end up being a very different animal beyond the broad premise.

So, yes, I would watch this if they made it. The new Heroes project is at a very preliminary rumour stage though, so this may all be academic. And despite everything I just wrote, I'd really appreciate it if they brought back Masi Oka as Hiro, I just loved that character.

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