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Heroes Reborn adds three new cast members

The publicity machine for Heroes Reborn is starting to pick up pace with three new cast members added to the show. Joining the only original cast member from Heroes- Jack Coleman as Noah Bennet - will be Ryan Guzman, Gaitlin Green and Henry Zebrowski. Guzman is probably the most recognisable actor, having starred in TV show Pretty Little Liars and recently released film The Boy Next Door alongside Jennifer Lopez.

Chuck's Zachary Levi was the first actor to join the Heroes 'event series', followed by Danika Yarosh, Judith Shekoni and Robbie Kay. Those watching season three of Once Upon A Time on Netflix will know Kay as the villainous Peter Pan.
Despite a rather vague teaser trailer at the Superbowl, there have been no details yet as to what the plot of Heroes Reborn will be. What we do know is that original cast members Zachary Quinto and Ali Larter have ruled out a return performance.

The bigger question of course is if fans really want another Heroes series. While the first series of Tim Kring's superhero show was a critical success, each subsequent year become more disappointing then the last. Convoluted plots, bizarre character changes and a lack of follow through on its premise meant that few mourned its cancellation of season four.

While the return of Twin Peaks in 2016 and rumoured returns for The X Files and more 24 have been largely welcomed, there hasn't been the same kind of buzz around Heroes Reborn. Perhaps a decent trailer might change all that, but it will need to be something special to get fans excited again.

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