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Has A Second Doctor Who Companion Been Revealed?

There is a rather interesting rumour currently doing the rounds about the lastest series of Doctor Who. If true, it would provide a dramatic change in the TARDIS dynamic for series nine. We already know what Jenna Coleman will be back as Clara for the whole of 2015, starting with The Magician's Apprentice. But someone else could be making a permanent stay on the TARDIS...and we have seen this new companion before.

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A number of sites are reporting that Michelle Gomez's Missy will be around far longer than the opening two parter. She will join Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor full time as a new companion. The reason? A new deadly enemy audiences will not have met before, intent on wiping out the entire Time Lord race. It would seem these frenemies are going to need each other.

Just how Clara fits into all of this, will be interesting but it would fit Steven Moffat's previous comments of a dangerous relationship between the Doctor and companion this year.

Obviously, this is a rumour that should be taken with a large case of salt, but if true could make for a facinating series. If Michelle Gomez really has signed up for all of series nine, the chance to see more of her and Capaldi bantering will be worth the TV licence alone!

More news - and confirmation - as we have it!

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