Goran Višnjić and Robert Glenister to appear in Doctor Who series 12

A former TV time traveller and a Classic Doctor Who actor to appear in series 12

Following the recent announcement that Stephen Fry and Lenny Henry will appear in the Doctor Who series 12 opener, the BBC has confirmed two more guest stars for the upcoming series.

Goran Višnjić and Robert Glenister are also set to appear in an episode of series 12 when the show returns in 2020. Višnjić recently appeared in time travel series Timeless, while Glenister previously appeared in classic Doctor Who story The Caves of Androzani, featuring Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor.

Glenister made a statement to the BBC about his return to Doctor Who.

“I first appeared in Doctor Who in The Caves of Androzani at the tender age of 24 in 1984. Thirty five years later I got to be in it again at the not so tender age of nearly 60. How time flies!”

Višnjić added:

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Doctor Who, so when the offer to play one of my favorite people in history came, it made me so happy to be part of the show and it turned into this awesome, dream job!”

Matt Strevens, Executive Producer said:

“One of the great joys of Doctor Who are the legendary actors who want to come and join in the Doctor’s adventures. We were thrilled to welcome Goran and Robert, whose worked we’ve loved and admired for years. They create two iconic characters who are going to delight and entertain.”

As well as the new poster above, fans of Doctor Who will get their first glimpse at series 12, when the first trailer debuts on Saturday at 3pm.

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Updated: Nov 22, 2019

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