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George Romero's Zombie Comic Empire Of The Dead Coming To TV

Move over The Walking Dead, the king of zombie movie genre George Romero is adapting his comic Empire Of The Dead for the small screen. Along with the upcoming Fear The Walking Dead, the LA-based spin off of The Walking Dead and Z Nation, coming to Pick TV in the UK this autumn, zombies are soon going to be taking over our TV screens as much as superheroes.

The Marvel published Empire Of The Dead is set years after the undead plague broke out and finds a very altered humanity adapting to this new life. Zombies are starting to gain intelligence and vampires have been thrown into the mix because the walking dead isn't enough of a threat to mankind.

The 15-issue graphic novel, due to release its final issue in August, will be adapted by Romero and producer Peter Grunwald, who worked with Romero the 1988 film Monkey Shines and three entries in his "Dead" film series.

The announcement was made by producer Demarest at the Cannes Film Festival. There are no details on which network might be picking this series up or whether it will be a one-off event or a long running saga like The Walking Dead, but with Romero at the helm, there is sure to be some huge interest in Empire Of The Dead in the coming months.

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