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Fox very close to ordering more episodes of The X Files

it's been a bit of a roller coaster of if, when and how many when it comes to a potential 11 of The X Files. After the 2016 revival of six episodes received stellar ratings but mixed reviews (i.e. the non Chris Carter ones were quite good) it's taken a surprisingly long time to announce more episodes. From Fox making it clear they wanted more than six episodes to David Duchovny tweeting Gillian Anderson to dust off her FBI badge to Anderson herself claiming the show is done in a recent interview, it's been unclear whether there will be a resolution to the frustrating season 10 cliffhanger Chris Carter left us with.

A lot of this has no doubt come down to scheduling with the UK-based Anderson particularly busy with projects like American Gods and understandably not being willing to spend too much time away from her children filming The X Files in Vancouver. And so while it was widely announced by many sites (ourselves included) that an official announcement on season 11 expected was 'within weeks' back in October, 2016 came and went with no further updates. (We could have posted every rumour, but they would have been just that, rumours - not to mention a few sites posting false information about the next season).

However this latest update from Fox president David Madden at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in Pasadena, California on Wednesday suggests something a little more concrete.

"There are lot of conversations going on. We hope to announce something shortly."

Entertainment Weekly has stated Madden originally wanted to announce season 11 at the press tour but negotiations have not yet completed. He did add that they would probably air new episode in 2018 if confirmed.

So while nothing is concrete (it could all still fall down at the negotiation stage) this is the best sign yet that more episodes of The X Files will come...eventually.

In the meantime, Baz Greenland is finishing his long-running The X Files Revisited on The Digital Fix as he concludes with a look back at season 10. You can check out his revisit of Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster - the best of the revival - ahead of the re-review of the final three episodes..

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