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Fox close to green-lighting a limited run of new X Files episodes

Back in January, rumours circulated that The X Files might be coming back and now TV Wise have confirmed that Fox are close to giving the green light for a limited series of the show. Apparently this new series will be a 'limited stack', somewhere between six to ten episodes.

The plan is to resolve on-going story lines left as a result of the series finale The Truth and it will feature both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Mulder and Scully, last seen sailing off into the sunset in the 2008 second movie The X Files: I Want to Believe. Mitch Pileggi has also apparently been approached about returning as Walter Skinner with other key cast members also approach. Will Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish also get a farewell as secondary X Files agents Doggett and Reyes?
Former writers have also been approached, suggesting that Fox are hoping to capture the magic of those early years too.

Another reason for the shorter run of episodes is to accommodate their schedules, with Anderson in particular busy with season three of Hannibal for which she was promoted to regular cast member and the recently announced third series of The Fall. Duchovny meanwhile is busy filming his new show Aquarius.

Like Twin Peaks, the idea of The X Files returning seemed like a pipe dream before the rumours surfaced about its revival. It sounds as if fans are going to get plenty of closure; let's hope we get a couple of monster-of-the-week episodes thrown in too before the story began way back in 1993 reaches its end...

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