Fox cancels Lucifer and The Exorcist

As the latest slate of TV cancellations continue, Fox has announced that its two supernatural dramas will not return next season.

Lucifer, starring Tom Ellis as the Devil working with the LAPD, and based on the Vertigo comic, has been cancelled after three seasons. Like recently cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which saw a huge internet uproar and surprise pick-up by NBC, a new Twitter campaign has been raised by fans under the hashtag #SaveLucifer.

You can catch up on our weekly reviews of season three here, with the finale available on Amazon Prime this Tuesday. Personally, we've become less enamoured with the show this year; maybe the flagging storylines will be the wake up call it needs to shake things up if the show manages to secure a fourth season elsewhere?

Meanwhile the more critically acclaimed The Exorcist TV series, based on the film. has also been given the axe after just two seasons. It was one of our more well received shows last year and you can check out our season two reviews here.

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